Energy harvesters

SolGate is a unique product at the international market set of autonomous power supplies for IoT devices

General problem

SolGate solves 3 main tasks for wireless IoT power supply:

  • generation (harvesting) of required energy;
  • measurements support and parameter processing by sensors and transducers;
  • wireless transmission of gathered information.

All tasks were optimized in an integrated manner to secure viable solutions

The function of system engineering design is to balance the assembled energy with the energy needs

Some question

How does solar and thermal works

Using a small solar cell and Peltier module as an energy source our product can provide full autonomy to any IoT device.

The temperature difference between the solar cell and the environment in working mode can reach 40 degrees. Thermal element converts this temperature difference into additional electrical energy.

It helps obtaining 90% more energy in the any season.

Mini Energy Harvesting System SolGate Thermo

  • Size: 165х135х100мм
  • Solar + thermal
  • IP6X
  • Battery capacity from 400 to 1000 mAh
  • Output 9-20 W*h/day
  • 100% device autonomy
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Micro Energy Harvesting System SolGate PV0

  • Size: 70х40х5mm
  • Solar + thermal
  • IP6Х
  • Battery capacity from 100 to 400 mAh
  • Output 0.6-1.2 W*h/day
  • 100% device autonomy
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Product functional diagram

SolGate Mobi

IoT device from old smartphone


  • 70% of IoT devices need autonomous power
  • a lot of unused energy around us: light, heat, GSM, wi-fi
  • a lot of disused smartphones that satisfy all the technologies of energy reception and signal transmission


Decision ways of these 3 problems lead to a unified solution: to use old communication tools - smartphones as energy absorbents for autonomous power supply of IoT sensors.


  • switch off the smartphone display and other non-core peripheral devices and functions
  • supplement the system with a solar cell and a charge controller
  • provide a usb-/inner socket for sensor power supply


  • use of ready-made devices in IoT power system
  • re-use of hundreds of millions of old smartphones
  • providing a reliable power source with a combined charging method (solar + RF) for IoT devices


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Product functional diagram



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